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FROM THE ARCHIVES: Production Hub Interviews Emily

Back in 2018, Emily was interviewed by Production Hub about her work in our industry.

Here's and excerpt:

Your impact as a woman in the industry:
My impact as a female cinematographer is that I am using my female gaze to capture the world of our film. I am taking back the lens, and shifting the gaze. I am also asserting power over a field that is heavily dominated by men. Each time I step onto set with a box of lenses and a great attitude I am showing the world that yes, I do have a perspective, that yes, it is important and yes, I do demand you listen.

We just wrapped Principal Photography on our first feature, where Emily served as our Director of Photography. In 2018, the first female Director of Photography was nominated for an Oscar - Rachel Morrison, Mudbound. Let us repeat that. The first woman ever to be nominated. In all the history of cinematography and all the women that have designed and crafted films, no one else has ever even been nominated. We have such a long way to go. Continuing to show off the talent and hard work of women behind the camera is the only way for the film industry to be more inclusive.

To read the whole interview, follow the link below:

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