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How to make Strawberry Jam

Spring has sprung and I thought I would prepare you for strawberry season with a quick recipe video on how to make strawberry jam. It is so deliciously easy and so marvelously delicious.

Be sure to sanitize your jars (boil them ahead of time for 10 minutes). Jamming takes some time, so I always plot down my laptop and turn on a favorite show (Slings and Arrows) or some music (Christine and the Queens) in the background.


Check with your farmers market to see if the farmers can sell you strawberry seconds. These are usually much cheaper and already kind of mushed up which is PERFECT for making jam!

I recommend talking to your local farmers about always buying seconds in bulk for canning season.


Have the most fun making this recipe. After you are done, you can sit back and relax for the next year while you enjoy the fruits of your hard labor.


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