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The Fishtown Films Way - The David Mayfield Parade

Seven years ago, we made a Music Video for The David Mayfield Parade.

Here it is:

If you're wondering, Yes, that was all done in one take. If you're interested what it looked like Behind the Scenes, here you go:

It took us two days to prep for the shoot in Christ Church Neighborhood House and one day to film. After all of our prep - not to mention Laura Jenkins and her dancers work on the choreography or the Band's work on the song and their travel to Philadelphia from Ohio - we only filmed the video eight times. All the hours of prep, all the work of 24 people, came down to eight 7-minute takes. And it was glorious. It was incredible. Everyone involved came away with a wonderful experience and a multi-award winning creation. (Not that winning awards was the goal, but it's also really nice.)

Now though, I think back upon the Process of Production - not the outcome - just the Process of Production, I can't help but think of how wasteful we were. We bought so much pre-packaged and processed food from Costco. (So much plastic.) We didn't think to take photographs of the spreads like we do now, so you'll have to take my word for it.

I can guarantee one thing, after nine meals over three 10-hour days we created a mountain of trash. I remember carrying out multiple trash bags full of waste. Our journey to Zero Waste may not have started on this production, but I remember the waste we made, and it's the only thing I wish we did differently.

On our feature film, Here Comes The Blackout, for which we just finished principal photography, we have generated less waste in total over the course of the last year than we made in a single meal of The David Mayfield Parade shoot. That's progress, and that's the thing that is so important to remember about all of this: It's Progress, not Perfection.

We are moving forward.

Make Art. Not Trash.

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