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REPOST: Going Zero Waste

Emily wrote a Guest Post for the incredible Kathryn Kellogg over at about our film with some helpful hints on how to make your film Zero Waste. Here's an excerpt:

'I co-own Fishtown Films, an independent film company.  Three years ago my partner, Austin Elston, and I transitioned our company to be zero waste - the first in our industry. 

This fall we are making the very first zero-waste movie, Here Comes The Blackout, a millennial love story about one wild night in Philadelphia.  Our goal is to generate less than 16 ounces of trash through the production of the entire film.

The film industry is notoriously wasteful.  From disposable sets to disposable water bottles, there is no end to how quickly film sets toss away perfectly good items straight into the landfill for the sake of convenience and cost.

But we have a climate crisis, and this sort of wasteful behavior is unacceptable, especially in an influential industry that can absolutely afford to do better.

Over the last three years, Austin and I have learned a thing or two about how to run a zero-waste film set. 

On the last short film we made 8 ounces of trash total!  Our last music video - only 4 ounces.

And, by making these changes, we’ve saved thousands of dollars. So for all you indie filmmakers out there with tiny budgets, save a few grand by following these steps and spend it on casting some top-notch actors to bring your vision to life.'

To read the whole thing, follow the link below:

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