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The First Zero Waste Movie

Total trash collected on short film Life Cycle (coming in early 2020)

On September 2nd 2019 we are launching an Indiegogo campaign to help us fundraise enough money to make the first ever zero waste feature film! Our goal is to not only make a highly entertaining and super fun absurdist comedy starring some fiercely talented women known for their work on Orange is the New Black and The Bold Type, but also to prove to Hollywood that our industry can and must change course.

Zero waste is absolutely an option for the film industry.

We have spent the last three years making zero waste music videos, short film, web content and political ads. It is a lot of work, a lot of preparation, and extra time, but every minute is worth it.

Our movie Here Comes The Blackout is an absurdist comedy about one woman's wild night exploring the streets of Philadelphia's Fishtown neighborhood.

Don't know anything about zero waste? Check out the adorable Danish zero waste queen, Gittemary:

Don't know anything about Fishtown? Check out Forbes' article on how Fishtown became America's Hottest Neighborhood:

Follow us on Instagram for behind the scenes shenanigans of our movie in the making:


Check back in over the next few weeks as we prepare to film this once in a lifetime film! And if you have a few extra dollars hanging around, please do toss them our way to help us show Hollywood there is a new way to make film.

Make art. Not trash.

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